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Quilt Preparation

To ensure we can give you a quality service, it is important that you provide your quilt and backing to a specification that we can work with effectively.  Please find here details on how to prepare your quilt top and backing.  

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Current Turnaround for Quilts Delivered to Dorset is 2 Weeks from Receipt

Quilt Top

Please ensure that your quilt top is as square as possible and remove all loose threads.  Press the quilt and make sure seams are flat and that seams at the edges have not come unstitched.  Check for loose seams within the main body of the quilt and if it is directional then please mark the top of the quilt.  Please don't add any embellishments to the quilt top (buttons, bows etc.)

Wadding and Thread Choice

We can provide wadding (Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly wadding) up to 96 inches wide.  We charge £10 a metre for wadding but we are happy for you to provide your own.  If you are delivering your quilt to our studio (COVID restrictions permitting) then we can discuss thread colour choice on delivery.  We have a wide selection of colours to choose from.  If you are posting your quilt, we have two options to assist with thread colour choice.  You can identify a colour in your quilt that you would like us to match to (use a safety pin to mark the colour).  Alternatively, you can provide us with a reel of thread that we will colour match to (we don't use this for the quilting, and we will return it to you with your quilt). 


Please provide backing that is 4 inches bigger all around than the top (i.e. 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than the top).  Please ensure that the backing is square and again mark the top if it is directional.  If you need to join fabric widths for the back, then please remove the selvage and stitch with a 1/2 inch seam rather than a 1/4 inch.  


I'm sorry but we cannot accept bed sheets for backing quilts as these are thinner than quilting cotton and do not quilt very well.  We can use fleece but ask that you also provide calico (4 inches bigger all round) to provide support for the quilt top when using fleecy materials. If your backing is straight off the bolt, then please ensure it is pressed and deep creases are removed.  Please press and fold carefully.

Please don't baste your quilt, we do this on the long arm machine frame.

Getting Your Quilt to Us

You can deliver your quilt to either Mandy (north of Dorchester in Dorset), Celia (Marsh Gibbon near Bicester in Oxfordshire) or Sue (Raynes Park in southwest London).  Please note that turnaround time for quilts delivered to Celia and Sue may be longer (please enquire to find out timescale).  If you want to post your quilt to us, then please contact us for address details.  For posted quilts, please ensure that your name and address is on the back of the parcel and for all quilts secure your name and address to the quilt to minimise loss during transit. 

For a copy of these instructions, please click on the link below.

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